World-class inspirational speaker and country music recording artist, who guides you to getting unstuck.

When Kevin lost his Nashville record deal, he felt he had lost his BIG opportunity in life. After years of trying to make it happen again and again, only to meet with frustration, disappointment and heartache he began to fear that it was too late for him to truly live his dream life.  For 18 years he lived with this limited belief that had him feeling stuck, unfulfilled, lonely and living a roller coaster life of huge ups and downs.  Like millions of others all around the world, Kevin heard about Bob Proctor when he watched the movie "The Secret".  After years of trying to understand these laws and principles on his own with mixed results Kevin made the decision to invest in a mentor and mindset program through the Proctor Gallagher Institute so he could once and for all get the understanding and learn how to apply this powerful mindset  information that has completely transformed his life. Today, at the age of 54, Kevin has attracted his soul mate, he’s in the best shape of his life, has launched 2 successful companies, has recorded a new album Jeans, and is scheduled to be on a major award winning television show in 2021… and he’s just getting started. The results he and Natalie have had and continue to experience led them to continue the journey and have invested over a year of their life to become certified Proctor Gallagher Institute consultants and are currently being mentored personally by Bob Proctor in his Inner Circle. 

All Kevin did was make the “decision” to get unstuck.  Never in his wildest dreams did he think he’d be living this life today.  Kevin believes that you too can live the life you truly desire.

"Here's the truth. We all get to a point in our lives where we just feel absolutely stuck! It doesn't matter how successful you are or have been, we all feel stuck at some point in our lives. Admitting you are stuck and making the decision to do something about it is one of the hardest things you will do but it is the VERY thing that will guarantee you a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment."

   Kevin is amazing at guiding you towards getting unstuck, but more importantly, he helps you reignite that beautiful passion you once had for your life.


A combat decorated Navy Captain with over 20 years of Active Duty Military Service and an Emergency Medicine Physician has now become a Life Coach.

   Dr. Frank Dos Santos is a highly decorated US Navy Captain, retired, who spent 9 months deployed with the U.S. Marine Corp in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2013 Dr. Frank was offered the position as physician to the President of The United States but had to walk away from that opportunity when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He was offered and accepted the position of Chief Medical Officer Navy East. After suffering tragedy with the loss of his first wife to Cancer, Dr Frank had to start over with his three children.  Finding inspiration and strategies that helped him rebuild his life he embraced the techniques of Bob Proctor and Tony Tony Robbins and has been certified in both mentor programs. .

Dr. Frank has since remarried and has 3 more young children and is currently pursuing board certification in Functional Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine in addition to his Private Pilot License. However, his true passion is in helping individuals achieve their goals and desires and break their paradigms. Dr. Frank’s Motto is "We will leave no one behind." Working together with Kevin, they have different offerings available so that they will be able to accommodate everyone regardless of their financial paradigms." 


Here are some words from other people we have helped.


Delphine U.  Bischwiller, Alsace  France

“As an aspiring international singing star from France,  I met Kevin and Natalie at a PGI event in LA and was immediately drawn to their energy and light.  Within a very short time I knew this information was the missing link for me and I made the decision to work with them in the Thinking Into Results program. Working with them has been a tremendous experience for me and a life rediscovery journey. They have guided me through this program with such love and passion that I can't imagine how my life would be had I not made the decision. When you make this decision prepare to finally live life how it is supposed to be lived: FULLY! I only wish I would have known about this sooner."

Joel S.  Hot Springs, Arkansas  USA 

“I am very excited about my first few Thinking Into Results sessions with Dr. Frank. He is great at helping me understand and apply the principles that we're discussing. One thing that I really appreciate is that he is very interested in me and my success. Frank is a strong motivator and encourager.”

Christie D.   Ashland, Oregon  USA

"Within a very short period of time working with Kevin and the Thinking Into Results program I earned the largest monthly check I have ever earned and even more importantly, attracted the love of my life! I am so grateful I made the decision to work with Kevin and I am so super in love with my life! We all deserve to live our best life and sometimes we just need the tools, the mentors like Kevin, to help us reach our dreams!"

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