Chief Nutritionist * Reiki Master * Mindset Teacher * Eating Behaviour Specialist


Natalie struggled much of her life with body image issues and dealing with loneliness. Natalie had a horrible relationship with food that affected her overall health. She was over 200 pounds with her pregnancies and no matter how successful she got or how much money she made, she felt lonely and unfulfilled. After eighteen years of fad diets and filling her voids with food, entertainment and work, Natalie hit rock bottom. 

These struggles were a blessing in disguise. Her health issues literally brought her to her knees and pulled her into an inward dive. It forced her to embark on a journey towards figuring her shit out. Little did she know that it would lead her towards becoming a top professional fitness athlete, attracting the love of her life and connecting to her purpose.

Today, Natalie guides people towards the food and life freedom they seek, so they don't need to spend a lifetime trying to figure it out. 


It's not about what you eat. It's about what is eating you up inside. 


We all know diets don't work and that's why there's a 98% failure rate attached to diets. 

But let me ask you this, have you tried the Mindset Diet yet? 

A mindset shift is the only way towards permanent food freedom results. 



























Today, I live in a healthy and awesome body. I attracted the love of my life and I have friends all over the world. I now play so big that I have left my high-paying position in the corporate world to live my life’s purpose: to guide you towards shifting your mindset and surfacing what is blocking you, all while helping you build a sustainable and custom health & fitness program. Once you have your power back, you will have an ...  Awesome Body & Amazing Life!

Featured in several magazines, including MUSCLEMAG, D'Fyne Fitness and Inside Fitness. Natalie has also been invited on a dozen of podcasts and virtual speaking events sharing her story and powerful messages on mindset and permanent weight release










Sean Scoular, Fort Collins, CO

“I was stuck when it came to my health and fitness, and felt I had lost that excitement for life.  I wanted to find the love of my life and felt I needed to get back in shape.  At first, I had a hard time letting go of coca-cola, but today, I’m down 58 pounds and I feel so in control of my health and wellness.” 

Zoe Arsenault, Thunder Bay, ON

“Coming across Natalie’s program was a true blessing.  My entire home life, parenting, business and body image have dramatically changed. I now show up with more vibrancy, and life and feel like I can conquer the world.  After 20 years, I am no longer on anti-depressants, and my thyroid and overall health has drastically improved.”

Cindy Brown, Riverview, Hillsborough Country, FL

“I’ve lost 52 lbs and I’m just getting started!  For the first time in my life I have been able to stick to a weight-loss program and be successful.  The major difference I have learned was you have to change your mindset deep down inside to really make the changes stick! If you do not change your mindset, you will go back to the way you were and gain everything back.  This insight is priceless. I cannot wait to crush the rest of my goals and share with others what is truly possible no matter the age.”

Thomas Welsh, Salmon Arm, BC

“I wish I had this information years ago. My wife, Debbie ,and my sons, Tanner and Connor, and I have seen a huge transformation in our business, health and personal lives. The business is thriving, and my vision of the future keeps growing.  People I now interact with say they are drawn to my energy.”