About Kevin & Natalie

“We help you experience LOVE in the way you deeply crave.”

We have but one goal, to shift the conversation from fear, shame and doubt to LOVE.

Love for self.   Love for body.   Love for others. 


As a Reiki Healer, Nutritionist, and Certified Proctor Gallagher Institute Coaches,  we work with men and women around the world in our mastermind, 1:1 couples coaching and group coaching sessions.


Let us tell you, leading up to this, our love life has been quite the journey. We remember wondering if maybe deep passionate love just wasn’t in the cards for us.


Kevin: I was chasing the ever-elusive person and trying to force connections when my gut would tell me otherwise, it was draining and demoralizing to question every move I made. 


Natalie: One side of me was this little girl that dreamed of living that incredible love life. But the other side me, unconsciously guarded my heart and could not trust anyone enough to let them in. This inner battle led me down a path of filling voids with food, entertainment, and constant need to distract myself with work. 


What we didn’t realize is that these struggles were a blessing in disguise. They literally brought us to our knees and pulled us into a deep inward dive. It forced us both to embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring what it meant to honour ourselves, and getting in touch with what we truly desired in life.


And on that journey of loving ourselves unconditionally, falling, and picking ourselves up, we met each other — a perfect match.

We remember so clearly the time we met.

Everything was so different this time.

We were now different

All because of this life changing information we now share with this world.

Within moments of speaking to each other, our hearts knew this was it.

We remember sitting in the lobby of a PGI Paradigm Shift Event, surrounded by a very large crowd of people and not noticing all the eyes gazing our way as they witnessed this incredible love connection.

And rather than going into overdrive by trying to make ourselves the one, we felt this calm sense of knowing.

It was a pivotal, life changing moment for us.

For the first time in our lives, we both found unconditional support within each other and were openly speaking our deepest truths and desires with absolutely no shame attached.

We had the courage to trust each other fully, uncover our fears and blocks together, all without any judgements or fears.

This deep connection has led us towards creating this exciting life together.

That's why we want to share this amazing information with the world. 

No one ever needs to live a lonely and disconnected life. To deeply love another and to be deeply loved in return, is truly the greatest gift. 

Curious to know what your LOVE blocks are? 

Want to know what is preventing you from living the love life you want?