What do you deeply desire for your love life?

Rise and experience the LOVE you long for.


Can you relate?

YOU feel like you’ve lost that passion in your relationship that you once had?

YOU feel disconnected with your spouse? Getting divorced?

YOU keep attracting the wrong person?

YOU feel like love is not in the cards for you?

YOU wish your life was filled with more love, health and excitement?

YOU feel stuck, stressed, and burned out a lot when it comes to money and work?

YOU wish you had more time to do the things you love?


We know where you're at, you probably feel discouraged, angry and lonely and this is creating a big distraction in your day to day life.

  • It's affecting your ability to perform at your job, it's negatively impacting your joy. 
  • You distract yourself with more work hoping that everything turns out ok.
  • Even if you choose to wake up with joy, you end up sad, grumpy or offended.
  • You have difficulty trusting anyone because you've been let down too many times. 
  • You often fill these voids with food, alcohol or work. 
  • And what's worse, if you have kids, they probably see it too. 




HOW we do this?

When major things happen in our lives, we tend to seek a way out.

What if I told you that what is happening in your life right now is your soul guiding you towards that next level you've been 'quietly' desiring? What if it's all happening for a major purpose? 


I am continuously told that one call with me gave them more clarity than years seeing therapists, marriage counsellors, divorce or grieving coaches, doctors and psychologists. Book a free call and see for yourself. 



Discover your why: What do you want your ultimate relationship to look like?

Your vision is your North Star, guiding the way to the relationship you deeply desire to experience.

Get ready for an amazing experience that will guide you towards understanding who you are, what you truly desire the most, and what blocks 'patterns' are holding you back. As you claim your truth and talk about what your feelings are and what you want from an empowered place, you become magnetic. It is from this place, you attract the love, your purpose, the love and health you desire. 



Let’s identify the root causes, your limiting beliefs and patterns, and let’s release them to make room for your most empowered self with the highest of confidence and way of being. You can often feel your higher-self step-out occasionally. That’s the part of you that you adore, that speaks the truth, shows up with confidence and never second-guesses any choices. You sometimes catch a glimpse of that person. Time to bring that person out. The deeper you can connect with who you are, the deeper you can connect with him/her, and/or attract your perfect match. 



It’s by inviting your mind to take the backseat and let your higher-self lead the way that will bring you the most clarity, joy, fulfillment in your love life. By reconnecting to who you really are and becoming that person again, is truly a gift to this world. By sharing that gift, you will remind yourself of that little piece of yourself you have long forgotten, a place that feels like home.



Learn the most revolutionary, eye-opening nutrition information combined with powerful behavioural reprogramming tools that instinctively have you crave what's good for you and avoid what's not. With zero willpower struggles or relapses. Most of our clients are filling their "love voids" with food because they feel lonely and lack outer and inner connection.  That's why we believe HEALTH & LOVE works hand in hand. There's a difference between eating healthy because you LOVE yourself, and only eating healthy because there's a goal attached to it.  You are about to experience a journey towards deep self-love,  which will offer you the life and food freedom you seek. 

This is where you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Discover your blocks that are preventing you from living the love life you want.


Who is this for?


You have trouble meeting men/women you deeply connect with. You are fulfilled in other areas of your life, but you can’t seem to click in the same way with a man/woman, and when you seldomly do, you have difficulty opening up and being your true self. Together, we will release old wounds, help you discern fear from intuition, explore what love means to you, and step into the voice, confidence and clarity of your most empowered self. You are ready to do the work, to show up as your best self—to unlock your personal superpower.



You’re in a good relationship, but you feel something is missing and want to embark on a journey of rediscovering each other. You aren’t questioning if you should stay or go, but you are questioning where you took a “wrong” turn. Together, we will explore how fear is creeping its way into your thoughts, words and actions, as well as the direct impact this is having on your relationship. Together, we will help you heal, learn and transform in ways that will have you quickly experiencing expansive love. This is the ultimate gift for your relationship.


Bob Proctor


Bob proctor is arguably the best in the world at teaching people how to get any life result they want.

Bob was voted America’s number one prosperity and personal development teacher and for 60 years has studied and educated millions of people on human potential, universal laws, and spurring them on to new heights of achievement.

No one has helped transform the lives of more people than this man right here. You might also recognize him as the co-star of the movie “The Secret”.

Today, Natalie & Kevin have partnered with Proctor Gallagher Institute to facilitate the very program that has completely transformed their lives.


We help the conscious person to stop overthinking so that they can step into their heart, speak their truth, rise in their inner strength and experience love with ease.

Your most empowered self knows…

What you want…

How to express yourself…

How to trust yourself fully…

How to attract all that you desire…