We may be the mentor, but these are definitely the heroines/heros.

Delphine U. Bischwiller, Alsace France

“As an aspiring international singing star from France, I met Kevin and Natalie at a PGI event in LA and was immediately drawn to their energy and light. Within a very short time I knew this information was the missing link for me and I made the decision to work with them in the Thinking Into Results program. Working with them has been a tremendous experience for me and a life rediscovery journey. They have guided me through this program with such love and passion that I can't imagine how my life would be had I not made the decision. When you make this decision prepare to finally live life how it is supposed to be lived: FULLY! I only wish I would have known about this sooner."

Christie D.  Ashland, Oregon, USA

"Within a very short period of time working with Kevin and the Thinking Into Results program I earned the largest monthly check I have ever earned and even more importantly, attracted the love of my life! I am so grateful I made the decision to work with Kevin and I am so super in love with my life! We all deserve to live our best life and sometimes we just need the tools, the mentors like Kevin, to help us reach our dreams!"



Sean Scoular, Fort Collins, CO

“I was stuck when it came to my health and fitness, and felt I had lost that excitement for life. I wanted to find the love of my life and felt I needed to get back in shape. At first, I had a hard time letting go of coca-cola, but today, I’m down 58 pounds, I have attracted an amazing woman and I feel so in control of my life.”

Thomas Welsh, Salmon Arm, BC

“I wish I had this information years ago. My wife, Debbie ,and my sons, Tanner and Connor, and I have seen a huge transformation in our business, health and personal lives. The business is thriving, and my vision of the future keeps growing. People we now interact with say they are drawn to our energy.”